About Us

BlckPyrl is an online selection of luxury consignment and vintage thrift clothing.  Our founder and musician to the stars, Brittani Washington started the company  by gathering outfits that were only worn for TV and Award Shows. In show business you don't want to be seen wearing the same outfit more than once if you can help it. A lot of clothing goes into storages and warehouses and never worn again. 

We have hand picked so many hot retro looks and vintage quality clothing and accessories that we want to share with our customers. BlckPyrl is so excited for this opportunity to do something great  for the planet and our self esteems, who doesn't like to look their best?! 

We also cater to up and coming artist that wants to dress up and wear the hot styles everyday but just cant afford high end fashion prices. We specialize in creating looks for our clients that wont break the bank. If you have any questions or ways that we can better support the planet and improve our business please don't hesitate to email us at blckpyrl@gmail.com


   Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

                                                                                               -Mark Twain